Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (2023)

In this post, we share a list with youfree chegg accounts. With our validChegg usernames and passwordsYou can loginPremium-Chegg-Kontenand use every service that Chegg offers ━ also completely free of charge. So if this is what you were looking for, your search ends here because you have landed in the right place.

Since you're already here, we'll assume you're familiar with Chegg and need no further introduction. However, for the ignorant, we would like to let you know about this great service. Chegg is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California that provides digital and physical textbooks, textbooks, online tutoring, and countless other essential services for students.

Despite all the goodies, there is one aspect of Chegg that prevents many people from using its valuable services - the subscription price. See, Chegg is a premium service and it makes perfect sense to be. It offers a variety of valuable products and services. In addition, 24/7 homework help, writing support, exam preparation and practice, writing and citing, and professional proofreading all come at a price.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone can manage paid Chegg services or is willing to pay for it, and hence many people are looking for alternative avenues for free Chegg accounts. If you are one of them, then the username and passwords provided in this post are a lifeline. Now, without further ado, let's read the article to the end and get your Chegg Premium Account today!

In this article show

What is Chegg?

Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (1)

Chegg is arguably the best learning platform currently available. It has a range of different services and products that are essential for any student to excel in their studies and improve their overall grades. Chegg wasn't always what we see today, however, and it also went through many changes before experiencing a precipitous rise in popularity.

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Here is a brief history of how Chegg was born. In October 2000, three Iowa State University students—Josh Carlson, Mike Seager, and Mark Fiddleke—started a service called Cheggpost, which was essentially a Craigslist-style message board for Iowa State students. And later that Cheggpost morphed into what we know as Chegg today.

The company was founded in 2005 by Carlson, Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra. It offered scholarship search, internship placement, and college application assistance at the time. After Carlson left the company in February 2006, Phumbhra and Rashid changed the company's name to Chegg in December 2007 and Rashid became CEO.

The company then followed Netflix's rental-based model, focusing on renting textbooks (both physical and digital) to students and ending services unrelated to renting and buying textbooks.

With this, Chegg expanded into a national market. Later, through business acquisitions, Chegg added other student products and services such as homework help, online tutoring, scholarships, and internship placements.

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It is amazing to see that what started as a humble textbook rental in 2007 has now evolved to the point where it is currently encapsulatedOver 7 million users worldwide, with a database of millions of homework solutions and step-by-step textbook solutions for 9,000 books.

Free Chegg Premium Accounts 2023 (Username and Passwords)

Finally we are in the section you came for. In the following section we share 100% working free Chegg Premium accounts with usernames and passwords. To access these accounts, all you need to do is copy the username and password and log into a Chegg account.

Disclaimer:The validity of these accounts depends on the number of registrations made through them. So if one account isn't working, try another, and if none of the accounts are working, it could be that the number of thresholds has already been reached. In this case, please feel free to report the unavailable accounts so that we can update them at the earliest.

Account designationChegg
Last updateToday
validity1 year
You have to wait 59 seconds.

Please strictly adhere to the specified guidelines

  • Do not try to change the account password. Otherwise you will be permanently banned.
  • Please do not change the account language; keep it as default.
  • Do not try to change or register your own mobile number and email id.

Note:These accounts are for educational purposes only. At Gizmoradar, we do not support or encourage piracy. We recommend purchasing the premium from the official website. We only share it with those who cannot afford the premium price.

The 5 best features of Chegg Premium

Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (3)

Chegg has a wide range of features that make it one of the best services in its field. Even though online learning and education services are a dime a dozen these days, Chegg rules the roost. So what are the characteristics that make it so challenging for both students and educators? let's find out

  • Get help from experts:Chegg Study provides step-by-step solutions to the questions found in textbooks and also allows users to submit their own questions to Chegg experts, which has been proven to be a boon for all students. After you submit your questions, the experts will respond with detailed answers within 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Rent textbooks on Chegg: While Chegg has expanded its services significantly over the years, it hasn't forgotten its root service - textbook rentals. You can still borrow digital or physical textbooks on Chegg. To do this, simply go to their website > type the name of your desired textbook in the search box > add the book to your shopping cart > click checkout > create an account when prompted > and close finally complete your online purchase.
  • Get help in various subjects:Chegg offers support for a number of different subjects. For example, you can get 24/7 support for questions or doubts in math, biology, economics, engineering, and science. In addition, Chegg experts are available 24/7 to answer subscriber questions.
  • Get help with writing and citing:In addition to homework solutions and textbook rentals, Chegg also helps you improve your writing with plagiarism detection, expert proofreading, and instant citations. For the uninitiated, plagiarism is using someone else's work as your original without giving it proper credit. When writing for the public domain, it's always better to check for plagiarism before publishing your work.
  • Stay Ahead of Your Class:Services like Chegg are proof of what today's cutting-edge technology can do to improve education and the learning experience. Thanks to Chegg, we are able to provide high-quality, on-demand responses to large numbers of students. For services like Chegg, we have millions of explanations at our fingertips.

Products and Services offered by Chegg

Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (4)

Chegg offers several products and services that are essential for students. While their core services are Chegg Study, Chegg Math Solver, and Chegg Writing, they also offer a number of other services that seem convenient for the students.

Furthermore, having these services available is nothing short of a blessing. Services like expert Q&A are shaping modern education where you ask a homework question and get an expert answer in just 2 hours.

You might know Chegg for its homework helper or handy math solver, but what you might not know is that there are a few more goodies associated with it in addition to the core services. Below we will briefly discuss all of the products and services offered by Chegg - both popular and unpopular.

1. Chegg Study

Chegg Study is Chegg's core service, providing answers to textbook questions and an expert question-and-answer service. While it's Chegg's USP, it's also the reason for the ever-growing controversy surrounding cheating allegations, as answering homework questions violates many college codes of conduct.

While there has been this debate about whether the Chegg Study is morally right or wrong, we simply cannot deny that it is a revolutionary service for students. With Chegg Study, students can get 24/7 homework help with over 84 million step-by-step explanations. Additionally, if your question is not already in the index, you can take a picture of your question and submit it to receive an expert response within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

2. Chegg Math Solver

For mere mortals like me, math is one of the subjects that fascinates us the most. I can wholeheartedly sympathize with the student who goes through a rough time trying to solve calculus or algebra problems, but nothing seems to give the right answer. In that case, Chegg's Math Solver is a boon to them. With Math Solver, you will never be outnumbered on your math homework ever again.

If you're stuck on a problem, all you have to do is submit a picture of that question and you'll get the solution in an instant. The free Chegg Math Solver gives you three answers each day with a basic explanation of your math problem, while the paid version offers a detailed explanation with partial steps and a graphing calculator.

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Below are the math problems that can be both solved and understood by the Chegg Math Solver:

  • Before algebra: powers, roots and linear equations
  • Algebra: Polynomials, quadratic expressions and quadratic equations
  • Pre Calculus: matrices and logarithmic functions
  • Analysis: general and fundamental derivations
  • Linear algebra: determinants, matrix operations and eigenvalues

3. Chegg Textbooks

The good thing about Chegg is that despite all the shiny new services it's accumulated over the years, it hasn't forgotten its root service - Chegg Textbooks. If you don't know, let us tell you that Chegg started out as a humble book rental company and formerly followed Netflix's rental-based model to rent textbooks (both physical and digital) to students.

This service still exists in Chegg. Therefore, students can both rent and buy the huge Chegg library with 750,000 books. With the lending service, you can save up to 90% on your semester books.

Plus, hassle-free easy returns are in place, and with 21-day refunds on returns, switching books and courses doesn't have to be stressful anymore. Finally, if you need a book right away, you can also access a free eBook while you wait for your paperback to arrive.

4. Chegg letter

Chegg Writing is the only service you need to make your writing free of grammar and spelling mistakes. With it, you get an unlimited number of paper scans with various services that are essential for writing. Needless to say, grammatical and spelling mistakes can dumb our writing to a certain extent.

While you can useGrammatikTo check your grammar, it's good to see that Chegg offers this service under their umbrella as well. Aside from grammar and spelling checks, Chegg Writing can help with plagiarism checks, expert proofreading, and citations. In short, plagiarism is using someone else's work as your original without giving it proper credit.

When writing something for the public domain, it's always better to check for plagiarism before publishing your work. Otherwise, plagiarism has real and serious consequences, even if it happens unintentionally.

So having this service included with Chegg Writing is a bonus as you don't have to pay separately for any plagiarism check. You get everything under one subscription for $9.95/month.

5. Chegg-Lernkarten

Chegg Flashcards is a free resource to help students test and improve their memory through practiced information retrieval. There are 500 million flashcards in a variety of subjects such as Accounting, Arts, Biology, Economics, Chemistry, Communications & Journalism, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, History, Languages ​​& Literature, Law, Management, Marketing, Medicine & Health, Nursing, Pharmacy , Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology and more.

In addition to the flashcards of the above themes, you can create your own deck if you need something more specific to your needs. Plus, you can practice with flashcards anytime, anywhere. Maps are available in both mobile apps and websites. Last but not least, we encourage you to go through all the decks made by all the experts and students to get curated cards according to your needs.

6. Chegg Mobile-Apps

If you're wondering if Chegg is available as an app, we'll tell you YES! Chegg offers both Android and iOS apps for download. With practical mobile apps you can access all of Chegg's services without any hurdles.

For example, with the Chegg Study app, you can snap a photo of your assignment and get expert help with a step-by-step solution to that problem right on your mobile device. It's a one stop solution for all your math problems.

Additionally, the Chegg eReader app makes it easy to read textbooks on your phone or tablet, highlighting important passages and finding what you need with simple search and navigation. Thanks to these great Chegg applications, students can study 24/7 from anywhere.

How do I get a premium Chegg account with the free trial?

Although we have shared more than 20 premium Chegg accounts with passwords, there is always a chance that the account is not working. Since the validity of these accounts depends on the number of logins made with them and due to the high demand for free Chegg Premium accounts, not all individuals are given a personal account.

That's why we're going to show you how to access Chegg Premium with the 7-day free trial. Like many other premium services, Chegg also offers a free trial where users can create an account and use the trial period to get unlimited access to all the features that the paying user gets (minimum for 7 days). So if you are wondering how to use the free trial version as well, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Chegg's officerswebsiteand click Get Started to sign up for a new account.Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (5)
  2. Now enter your email address and password and click "Create Account" to create a Chegg account.
    Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (6)
  3. You will now be redirected to another page where you have to choose between Chegg Study Pack or Chegg Study. So choose the subscription accordingly. Choosing the study package would be more advantageous because it allows you to access all the services.Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (7)
  4. After that, enter your credit card number and other required details to avail a 7-day free trial.
    Username and Password for 99+ Free Chegg Accounts [February 2023] (8)

That's it. After completing all the above steps, you can enjoy Chegg Free Trial without any limitations.

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Note:Chegg will automatically continue your monthly subscription and bill the monthly subscription fee ($14.95 or $19.95) through your payment method 2 days before the end of each month until you cancel the subscription. To avoid this, cancel your free trial up to 5 days before the end of the month.

Top 5 Chegg Alternatives

While Chegg is arguably one of the best platforms for students to borrow textbooks, get homework help, or in-depth explanations on various subjects, it doesn't seem to be the only platform available. And for some reason if you are not satisfied with Chegg or want to try different platforms, below are the list of 5 best Chegg alternatives to try in 2023.

Note: These alternatives listed below are not in order of preference. So, you are advised to choose one of these options according to your needs.

Bartleby:Bartleby is a popular learning platform that is one of the closest alternatives to Chegg. Although there is a distinct difference between the two, the main purpose of these services is to help with homework, essay writing, and textbook solutions. Similar to Chegg, Bartleby also offers 24/7 online tutors who can help with many topics.

Quizlet:If you're looking for a worthy Chegg alternative that offers a similar or even better flashcard system for learning, look no further than Quizlet. Quizlet is a popular learning app that provides detailed explanations of various topics, textbook solutions, and answers to questions. Another reason Quizlet is so popular is that flashcards, games, and solutions written by experts make learning more fun.

Kursheld:Course Hero is an American ed tech company providing instant access to millions of learning resources, course notes, exam prep, 24/7 homework help, tutors and more. Although a Course Hero subscription costs $20 per month, it offers a variety of valuable services for students. 24/7 homework help with experts, homework help, and textbook solutions make it one of the best alternatives to Chegg.

Skooli:If you're looking for online tutors for homework help and 24-hour assignment checking, then Skooli is a popular site for that. On Skooli you will find a teacher to study almost any subject or topic with.

For example, if you're someone like me who often struggles with math problems, you can hire a math tutor through Skooli who can help you clear math doubts. So, Skooli is another platform where you can get online tutoring and homework help just like Chegg.

Khan Academy:All the above services we shared are not free and have subscription fees. However, one such platform is Khan Academy, an American non-profit educational organization that provides intuitive educational resources for free.

With Khan Academy you can learn about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history and more. So, if you are looking for a completely free platform to learn about various topics, then the answer is Kahn Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Free Chegg Accounts 2023

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the web about Chegg Premium Free Accounts 2023.

How do I get a free Chegg account?

There are a few ways you can get a free Chegg account. The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the Chegg usernames and passwords from our website and sign up for a premium account with unlimited access.

Does Reddit Have Free Chegg Accounts?

Although Reddit doesn't offer free Chegg accounts, there are many SubReddits where you can paste your Chegg question link and after a while you'll get your answers.

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How do I get Chegg Answers for free?

There are several ways you can get Chegg answers for free. Firstly, you can copy premium Chegg username with a password for free from and submit your question to Chegg's answer generator, after submitting the question, the answer will be sent to your email inbox.

How can I redact Chegg answers for free?

If you are not subscribed to Chegg's premium service, the answer to your searched question will be fuzzy and in order to fuzzy the answer you must have a premium account. Well, we have already discussed how you can easily get that from our website.

Does Chegg have free trials?

Yes, like many other premium services, Chegg offers a 7-day free trial. During this trial period, you can freely access all Chegg services without spending a penny and you get the same privileges as a paid user.

Does a free Chegg account generator work?

No, most free Chegg account generators are fake and don't work. The Chegg account generators that you can find on the web generate random numbers of codes based on a simple PHP script and no special algorithm is running behind it.

Is chegg worth it?


Yes. Chegg is one of the most popular ed tech platforms that has been a boon to college students. With Chegg, you can post homework questions 24/7 to get expert answers, borrow books at great prices, get exam prep help, and more. So Chegg is totally worth it for college and high school students.

last words

That's it. Today we shared the premium chegg accounts for free. We hope you get your account and enjoy the premium features of the Chegg Study Pack. However, if you are having trouble logging in using our account username or password, let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with the 100% working accounts at the earliest. Finally, we ask that you share this article as much as possible.


How do I get free answers on Chegg? ›

Chegg blurs the answers until users sign up for the subscription service. However, this article will provide three legit methods to have your Chegg questions answered for free.
Method One: Use Chegg Trial Period
  1. Access to virtual textbooks.
  2. Access to textbook rentals.
  3. Access to one-on-one tutoring.
Sep 1, 2022

How many Chegg logins do you get? ›

Chegg Apps and Device Limitations

Chegg paying members can only have two registered devices at a time.

Does Chegg give free trials? ›

Chegg offers trials and discounts from time to time, but there is currently no regular Chegg free trial, even for new subscribers. However, you can create an account and poke around the Chegg user dashboard for free.

How do I find my Chegg username? ›

If you've forgotten your username to login to your Cite This for me account, or if the site is not accepting what you thought was your username, no worries! Please drop our friendly support team a line at You can expect a reply within 1 business day.

Do you get unlimited Chegg answers? ›

As mentioned before in our Chegg review, rental extensions are free. Each month, you'll get detailed solutions for five different textbooks. You are allowed to post 20 questions per month (to Q&A experts). You'll get unlimited view-only access to 25 million homework solutions answered by experts in their fields.

Does Chegg actually have the answers? ›

If Chegg doesn't already cover your question, you can use Expert Q&A: post or upload a photo of your question, and a Chegg expert will respond with a solution. Experts are available 24/7 and average turnaround time is 46 minutes, so you won't wait long to get the answers you need.

Is there a student discount for Chegg? ›

All you need to do is register and verify your student status in order to get access to thousands of free student discounts.

Can 1 Chegg account be shared? ›

Chegg Study allows for two devices to access your account in a given month.

How do I share my Chegg account without getting caught? ›

Out of the 3 main approaches we recommend as the most convenient are:
  1. Browse Chegg Using Mobile Data. A smart way is to conceal your IP address to browse Chegg on your mobile data. ...
  2. Remote Access From A Different Device. ...
  3. Use a VPN connection.
Jul 22, 2022

How to access Chegg for free reddit? ›

How do I see Chegg stuff for free on Reddit 2022? There are many ways by which you can get free Chegg answers on websites like Reddit and discord. You just simply have to join the subreddit and request the answer you want by posting the link on the post of subreddit.

Is there a way to get around Chegg? ›

One more way to get your answers is by using a website called Slader. This website is completely free and you can get any Chegg answers over there also.

Is there a way to view Chegg answers without paying reddit? ›

There are many ways by which you can get free Chegg answers on websites like Reddit and discord. You just simply have to join the subreddit and request the answer you want by posting the link on the post of subreddit. r/CheggAnswers is one of the most famous and fast subreddit to get the Chegg answers instantaneously.

How can students get Chegg for free? ›

Students will get a free 30 minute trial with a tutor, as well as up to 90% off on textbook rentals. To gain access to Chegg's student discount, you'll need to sign up for an account on their website. Once you've registered and verified your student status, you can start your free trial of Chegg Study.

Can professors see if you look at Chegg? ›

In many cases, yes, professors do know when students use Chegg to complete homework.


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